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About Us

Protein re-energise brands with creative design and digital technology. We make brands better: simplifying their complex messages, while improving their customer experience. We remove the headache of balancing design and tech agencies by offering a multi-disciplinary service.

We are your brand consultants, creatives, partners and guardians. Helping build the brand integrity of your communications while protecting the legacy of your products, and services. We better your brand experience from the inside, out: reinvigorating employees while reengaging customers.

Being an independent agency allows us to work side-by-side with our clients. We won’t keep you at arm’s length, and we love collaborating with beautiful minds. We like to challenge briefs, norms and the status quo.

We are experts in human-focused design and digital communications, specialising in multi-language, multi-cultural and socially conscious digital experiences.


We design, create, educate, innovate, animate and elevate your customer experience.


Brand & Digital Strategy

We consult to businesses on their brand positioning, messaging and engagement. Taking clients through our Discovery Phase, developing strategies, and designing blueprints to transform their brand communications and digital offering.


Brand Design & Development

We create beautiful brands, or transform existing ones. Designing identities, brand hierarchies, and delivering complete brand toolkits. We design and deliver brand communications across all media, including web, mobile, animation, print, retail, service, social and spacial.


Digital Design & Development

We design and develop fluid websites, functional mobile apps, interactive experiences and innovative installations. We design digital solutions and develop the software to transport the audience along with them.


Interactive & Moving Image

We create interactive, film and animation content. Delivering experiences across mobile, web and spacial. Developing explainer animations, social campaigns, commercial shoots, rich media experiences, AR & VR and retail/expo installations.


Digital Learning

We create interactive digital eLearning solutions for our clients’ needs. Designing custom learning modules to engage customers, through interactivity, animation and gamification.


Space & Culture Design

We deliver digital retail CX engagement to support staff and compliment spacial design. We develop better workplace culture environments, design better spacial experiences and wellbeing interactions for workforces.

20 Yrs

building successful brands

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of our work targeted to socially conscious clients


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