The Woolmark Company

Designing a Digital Transformation for the Fashion Industry

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Our Challenge

The Woolmark Company required a new digital solution for their 'Wool Lab': a traditionally physical fabric companion piece for fashion designers. Working closely with the TWC team, we innovated a solution that allows designers to log in and experience fabric swatches in a tangible digital environment.

How we added Protein

We knew that the transition from physical to digital would need to be smooth. So we approached the project with the question "how can we emulate the physical experience?" We designed and built an entire swatch library that allows the users to rotate the fabric, check its thickness, view micro weaves, and even design and build their own mood boards.


The moodboard feature allows designers to experience a digital interaction that is as close to the physical one as humanly possible.

The Result

The project successfully delivered a digital transformation for a legacy human design. A robust software platform, allowing users to stack, rotate, and mix-and-match fabrics on the fly.