Creating a Viral Campaign with Magic Results

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Our Challenge

Protein were asked to review and renew the advertising strategy for Tic Tac ANZ. The brief was to look at the existing strategy from a different angle. Identify solutions to the pain-points of tradition advertising and deliver a strategy and concept for a digital transformation. Our approach was to reimagine the mint as an inventive, magical candy with a focus on increasing Ferrero's Tic Tac social presence. We concepted a viral campaign that would leverage a YouTube star (Zach King) to appeal to a younger demographic. Shifting the brand's thinking toward social media, reducing their budgets, while offering the opportunity for a far greater reach, and an analytics-based result.


The Result

Protein created the 'Tic Tac Tricks' campaign to become one of Australia's top 5 viewed social campaigns of the year. By partnering with social media star Zach King, we were able to use creativity and social engagement to increase sales. The digital ads positioned the candy as inventive and fun, and audiences ate it up, consuming the ads to the tune of over 100million views on the client's ANZ Youtube Channel alone. Increasing their social reach exponentially, resulting in a sales increase with each new 'Tic Tac Trick' released. To date it is still their most viewed campaign on social media.


Million Youtube views for the first campaign


Million aggregated views total


Pre-roll stories created


Percent increase in product per campaign