Good Earth Cotton

Helping to Educate on Sustainable Fashion

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Our Challenge

Good Earth Cotton chose to add Protein to their marketing, inviting us to help visualise the origins and benefits of their traceable fibre. The challenge was to tell a story in a compelling way to the fashion industry. An audience who welcome out-of-the-box visualisation. We decided to tell their tale in the style of a narrative fable.

How we added Protein

We drew on inspiration from Victorian illustrative designs, coupled with a whimsical script and voice over. By hand-drawing these intricate illustrations and bringing them to life, we created a moving collage of materials. Each scene pulled together by a thread that weaves the story into one single tale.

Each frame was sketched and hand-drawn by our Illustrator, Oat with intricate attention-to-detail. Stippling techniques were employed to add a sense of depth and tangibility to the animation.

The Result

Having designed the storyboard across clear chapters, the animation could then exist as a single narrative and as small digestible stories for the client to distribute across their social media channels. The animation offered the client a beautiful piece of online branded content as well as an engaging conference/expo video. One media asset with multiple uses.

"We have relied on the team at Protein to bring creative vision to our brand. The messaging Protein have delivered has always been on point with our brand vision… to a superior standard whilst making the process a professional and friendly experience."

Danielle Statham

Founder & Owner