Preferred Media

A new strategy & vision for Australia's pre-eminent media content management company.

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Our Challenge

Preferred Media are the pre-eminent physical and digital archiving solution, and have been for more than three decades. Our challenge was to design a solution to faithfully reposition their legacy brand without losing their identity. We had to develop a strategy for their communications, simplifying seemingly complex messages so that their services and technology could be better understood as a critical need. We coupled this with designing a visual roadmap for their communication channels.

How we added Protein

Protein partnered with Preferred Media's key stakeholder team to develop a strategy to reinvigorate the brand and streamline their B2B interactions. The team at Preferred Media are extremely passionate about their personalised service. We used this as our divining rod to discover their tone of voice. This then permeated through to a brand refresh, communications toolkit, and website overhaul. Delivering creative solutions from our strategic blueprint, giving the client a suite of assets with which to drive their new, improved communications.

A fresh look, authentic voice, and engaging way to educate clients. Offering the most personalised, secure and convenient way to preserve a company's legacy. Preferred Media: reimagined, relaunched and revitalised.

The Result

Preferred Media's repositioned brand, communications toolkit and user-experience focused website have given the brand new life. Allowing the client to do what they do best, continue to deliver the Preferred solution for any agency, organisation or institute who require the safest and most personalised archive platform available.