Rising Sun Pictures

Rejuvenating a Legacy Brand in the VFX Industry

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Our Challenge

Rising Sun Pictures are Protein's longest standing client, having worked with each other since our first days in 2001. Our challenge was to reinvent and reposition their brand after its identity had become a mainstay in the movie VFX industry for over 25 years. A delicate yet welcome proposition.

How we added Protein

Our approach began with research and insights. A prior interview session across the business gave us a valuable lens over what the staff and industry expected. We used this to help build a creative blueprint for the brand identity. This translated into design concepts that brought the company vision into the 21st century.

The band was designed as a contemporary art piece, with angular lines to represent sun rays. Combined with a colour scheme to warm their audience.

The Result

The brand is instantly recognisable. A successful brand reinvigoration. A proud brand stamp and graphic suite that represent the business in their true light. The digital online experience has won awards for UX, design and development.