The Social Policy Group

Developing Australia's Multi-Language Migration Solutions

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Our Challenge

Protein developed the award-winning suite of multi-language digital solutions for migrants, for Migration Council Australia & The Social Policy Group. Our challenge was to design digital communications that would speak to every culture, gender, nationality and need... in their own language. Challenge accepted!

How we added Protein

Our strategy was to develop an illustrated character design across communications. This allowed for all topics to easily be identified by the users, no matter their background. We then developed an animation pipeline to create hundreds of explainer animations that would allow migrants to find information on any subject. All wrapped in Mobile Apps and an eLearning Platform to aid those less supported.

Digital Solutions

Protein designed and developed a custom React App for Migrants (MyAus) with a supporting COVID-19 support App (MyAusCovid) for iOS and Android. The Apps are a first-of-their-kind multi-language solution that switches dialects at the tap of a button. This was supported with the MyAusLearning project, a custom-designed and developed eLearning platform.

The Result

The MyAus App won multiple awards for UX Design, UI Design, and Technology. The MyAusCovid App supported thousands of migrants during the pandemic. It was recognised as the #1 Multi-Language digital Covid resource by the IGC on Migration after reviewing all resources created by all countries.