The Woolmark Company

Digitising an Eco-Friendly Fibre Campaign

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Our Challenge

The Woolmark Company asked Protein to collaborate on their highly successful 'Wear Wool, Not Fossil Fuel' campaign. Our challenge was to develop a fluid, highly optimised visual web experience that maintained the integrity of their campaign commercial.

How we added Protein

With the high-concept commercial's visuals (by Park Village), we set forward developing an interactive pathway that faithfully translated to digital. We created a user experience that allowed the viewer to dictate their pace, and storytelling journey. Designing the site to reveal emotive pieces of content from the ad, in sync with the user's scrolling speed.

The Result

The website is an engaging web experience that works on many levels. Transformed by The Woolmark Company and Protein into something that is clean, yet layered. Simple, yet complex. Structured, yet fluid. The web campaign was a success both in design and development.